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KOJOPRO: An exciting new resource for sales leaders

We’re so proud to launch Kojopro, a practical, skills-based platform for sales leaders. With access to 20 learning modules, all centred around common sales challenges from key account management to building a sales strategy, Kojopro is an incredible resource for sales leaders across all industries.

In 2018, we formed The Kojo Academy to help companies build excellent sales departments through evidence-based sales improvement methodologies and best-in-class online methods. Through this, we noticed that sales managers, business owners, consultants and other sales leaders couldn’t access good sales resources online. There are plenty of options out there, but very few trusted, evidence-based sources of sales development.


That’s why we started Kojopro. Built on experience of over 200 client sales improvement projects, and a review of more than 1,000 research studies on effective selling, Kojopro is a professional sales improvement resource that’s easily accessible for all.

To discover how this revolutionary new platform can improve your sales team, sign-up for a free trial or find out more. And, if you know of someone in your organisation trying to win business and grow sales, this could be just the resource they need.