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Our Philosophy


Our philosophy

Selling Interactions was set up in 2010 with a very simple philosophy – search relentlessly for sales best practice and use the insights to help clients improve their sales organisations and ultimately their sales.

We believe there are many approaches that can be used to improve sales organisations and we work hard to research and discover them so you don’t have to. Concretely, we screen sales – specific research journals, sales research organisations, sales consulting and training providers, client programmes and our partner’s sales programmes to catalogue and categorise sales best practice.

We constantly maintain and update our sales excellence research database this way, and conduct bi-annual reviews to feed learning and insights into our Sales Excellence Diagnostic©, which serves as the blueprint for our consulting work. We call this approach research-led sales excellence.

To date, it contains over 1000 research papers and insights from over 200 client sales improvement projects

This means you can be assured of an evidence based, non-biased, holistic approach to developing your sales organisation.

Our guiding principles

We recognize that you are the experts in your business: Our role is to lead you to reflect on how to improve what you do by application of intelligent methodologies and practices. In all assignments we do our best to apply these ground rules:

we make your team the stars of the show

Research led
we value high quality fact-based insight

we seriously stimulate thinking, behaviour & practice

we design the minimum cost project to achieve the result you want

Execution focus
we always keep practice and results in mind

Results and people
excellence and high motivation are interlinked

Global insights
local language delivery and international collaboration

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