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Implementing a values-led commercial culture


The organisation

HSSMI is right at the forefront of leading the manufacturing industry into a sustainable future. Working across multiple sectors, HSSMI helps clients with upscaling production, increasing productivity and enabling a transition to a circular economy. This includes, for example, support with creating a manufacturing strategy, leveraging simulation and digital manufacturing tools, as well as implementing a circular value chain. The organisation employs talented engineers and consultants to help clients work out complex challenges that will have a large impact on the planet for all of us.



The challenge

HSSMI is very client-focused and all staff interact with stakeholders and customers outside of the business. Employees have to both understand complex client requirements and communicate innovative ideas and services effectively. This requires the highest standard of face-to-face and written communication skills. Recognising this, HSSMI wanted to develop a programme that would help employees explore and embed its core values of leadership, teamwork, innovation, entrepreneurship, and responsibility into any external communications.


The solution

We addressed HSSMI’s ambitions by facilitating the creation of “The HSSMI Way” – a core document setting out the behaviours that would help bring their core values to life. This step involved the input of a core group of HSSMI staff to bring everyday meaning to the HSSMI Way.

The next step was to design an interactive training programme that would engage all roles in the company. We created a 4-day programme phased over 4 months that helped employees discuss and practice the behaviours associated with the HSSMI Way.

The curriculum covered understanding client needs, presenting effectively, written communication, persuasion, innovation, and business development.

Lego building, tower building and a social media competition helped to create interaction and practice.
The final LinkedIn Hackathon resulted in the two winning teams increasing their average SSI (social selling index) scores by 28%.


Next Steps

The HSSMI Way is the code for what HSSMI is all about. It is used for recruitment and coaching, and of course further training. When an envisioned company culture is made concrete, it is much easier to bring to life. When a culture comes to life, everyone throughout the business and beyond feels it.

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Quotes – participants

“My presentation skills have been improved by listening and applying candid feedback from the group”

“I managed to alleviate the customer issues and put in place mutually agreed action plans”

“I have learned how to say no to a request and maintain a relationship effectively”

“I tried to be innovative, suggesting different new ideas that align with the HSSMI overall strategy”

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