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Implementation of sales management routines


The organisation

Every day, millions of global financial transactions are managed by KAS BANK. Underpinning the settlements of share trading, KAS BANK personnel work alongside the largest financial organisations in the world, providing a wide range of essential services to their clients. Pension funds rely on accurate assessment of risk, intelligent reporting on current positions and handling of portfolio changes to avoid unnecessary loses.



The challenge

The route from initial opportunity identification to winning a new client is complex, involving many stakeholders and approval stages. This confronts the multidisciplinary team with several challenges: Which sales process to follow, and how to execute it so that all interested parties are motivated to proceed. In practice this means a high degree of interpersonal and entrepreneurial skills coupled with “process discipline” to avoid the risk that deals are not compliant. With such complexity, management and clear line of sight for opportunities was very difficult, meaning progress towards targets was hard to assess.


The solution

Selling Interactions began by working with a group of senior sales people and the UK MD to define best practice in the sales process. This involved win/loss analysis, plus process mapping techniques.

The sales process was then used to define a behavioural training programme which brought the process to life. Joint participation with a Selling Interactions consultant in sales meetings enabled the sales process to become part of opportunity management, to ensure it was embedded in the daily fabric of sales activity.


The Results

Because the sales process defined clear stage gates for opportunity development, it was possible at any one time to have a clear view of the financial value and likelihood of success, and therefore for management to actually manage the team / opportunities. Regular team meetings with a common language concerning opportunities resulted in a much stronger grip on progress towards revenue targets.


The Next steps

Selling interactions continues to develop key client facing staff to manage clients and prospects as effectively as possible. In an environment where large accounts can be won or lost according to the behaviour of frontline staff, KAS BANK continues to invest in the quality of interactions, to ensure people do not become the limiting factor.

Quotes from participants

“Selling Interactions offers superb sales and leadership training/coaching, offering focused and tailored courses which are aimed to bring out the best of an individual’s capabilities. Our trainer is a true gentleman and an absolute professional. The training/coaching is enjoyable and interesting, and of the highest quality.”

“I have only ever received positive feedback about Selling Interactions and Anderson Hirst as a trainer – how useful and enjoyable his training sessions are.”

“As a company we enjoy working with Selling Interactions. The training sessions have become an important part of the strategic sales process.”
Keilly Fuller, Human Resources Manager, KAS BANK UK

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