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Sales Excellence Diagnostic©

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The Sales Excellence Diagnostic© forms the core of our consulting approach. We use it to help you assess your sales organisations, and build best practice sales teams.

The original Sales Excellence Diagnostic was developed in 2009 as part of an MBA project at Warwick Business School and was deployed to assess a network of automotive dealerships. The core concept was to comprehensively catalogue the key factors that could affect a sales organisation’s success.

It has been continually upgraded ever since, with revisions every 6 months.

How can you use it?

  1. On-line survey mode: Your staff to complete the survey on-line, and then we provide you with the summary report, signposting areas to investigate further and focus on.
  2. Health check mode: Includes the on-line surveys coupled with face to face interviews with our consultant team to go ‘behind the data’ to give you a sharper analysis to act on.
  3. Full audit mode: We work with your internal teams to check and provide evidence for use of the 82 sales best practices. This is the most rigorous ‘evidence based’ mode.

Key characteristics

  • Based on over 800 research reviews and practitioner cases.
  • Updated with learning from client projects, partner organisations and competitors.
  • V7.0 is divided into 10 core areas and 82 individual questions.
  • Each of the 82 points are linked to evidence-based sales best practice.
  • The diagnostic surveys 3 viewpoints: Customer voice, sales management’s perspective and the view of the sales people.

What benefits will you get?

Your customers are getting more demanding and so the implications are that your sales organisation probably has to improve at a faster rate to avoid attrition.

Because the survey is based on extensive research into current best practice, it will help you to identify key improvement areas to improve performance and sales.


Quotes from Participants

The way the training is laid out is very enjoyable. Never have been to a training so interactive. Would 100% recommend it to anyone who hasn’t taken part. The trainer (Anderson) shows great passion

Participants demonstrated new revenues equivalent to 11.5 times the programme investment during that period.

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