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Quality of delivery policy


Quality of delivery policy

We take the results you have signed up for very seriously and this has to be reflected in the delivery of services you can expect internationally. To ensure high quality, we have in place:

  1. A proven international consultant briefing process to ensure programmes reflect the subtleties and priorities locally.
  2. Insistence on using only high quality senior associates for all our programmes.
  3. An agreed upfront evaluation model linked to the results you are striving for.
  4. Implementation of good project management practice based on 8 core best practice principles.

In addition to the above, we invest approximately 10% of our revenues in researching best practices to ensure you receive totally up today, evidence based work.

“A self-assessment by 260 organisations of customer relationship management returned a poor 58%.”
Homburg, Schäfer & Schneider 2012

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