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Selling to procurement


Selling to procurement

Understanding how buyers buy


Quotes from participants

“In attending sales training for over 20 years, I learnt more in this programme than any of the others. It has really helped us engage better with the procurement function in the Nordics.”
Erik Kaiser, General Manager, Interroll Nordics


Course outline

Slowly but steadily over the last 15 to 20 years, the role of procurement has risen in influence and prominence in organisations.

Because of the function’s direct influence on costs and therefore profits, plus increasing education and research, many sales people will find themselves working with professional, value hungry procurement partners.

And yet, very few sales people ever receive education into the negotiation tactics, strategies, tools, negotiation process and mind sets that procurement people have.

This short, practical programme will give your sales team a solid insight into how supplier management works, and the consequences for selling to procurement.



Sales staff who have regular contact with the procurement functions of their customer base.


Learning objectives

  • Understand the main objectives of modern procurement.
  • Learn to analyse the sophistication of your client’s procurement function.
  • Understand how suppliers are categorised and the impact on account strategy.
  • Be able to carry out a power and dependency analysis.
  • Be able to plan and manage negotiation strategies.
  • Be aware of and use negotiation tactics and techniques.


Course format

2 day workshop / virtual classroom programme over 2 months with the option of 1:1 deal coaching after the workshop for critical negotiations / key account management challenges.



  • Understanding of the aims and objectives of the procurement function.
  • Greater confidence in how to negotiate.
  • A happier client by understanding the buying process and what clients want.
  • Less unnecessary discounting due to misunderstanding of situations.
  • A better balance of power in the relationship.
  • Proactivity in managing negotiations.

“80% of sales people surveyed said they received ‘little or no help’ from their hierarchy in selling to procurement.”
Atkinson & Hirst – Selling to Procurement 2012

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The Selling Interactions Difference: Our programmes are based upon our extensive research into sales best practice. Currently, our database holds details of over 2000 research cases. At the same time, 100% of our focus is on creating pragmatic, actionable training that sales people find invaluable in securing their targets. With a twin focus on attitude/ behaviour and strategy/process, Selling Interactions programmes equip participants with the best chances of sustainable success.