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Create your sales DNA


Create your sales DNA

Defining and diffusing your sales best practices


Quotes from participants

“Gaining an understanding of our overall sales process has been great, this will help me in automating systems to help with our sales process.”

“The current pipeline and rolling into the next financial year has never been stronger and a lot of this success I have put down to a conscious change in our sales approach – digging the pain, listening to the last drop- so that our sales pitch becomes very targeted and proves that we listen and listen well.”
Both from Cooper Solutions participants


What is it?

Many sales organisations know the problem only too well: The latest breakthrough sales book / sales approach is implemented with gusto, only to find disappointing results. A “one size fits all” is simply not good enough, and there is no impact on increasing sales.

Also, traditionally, a new sales approach has been introduced via training alone. Whilst training is an important element in the mix, we believe many other areas can and should be addressed, for example: Sales process, go to market strategy, KPIs, sales competencies, market segmentation, sales funnel management and so on.

The sales DNA programme was created to address these issues. Not only will it be carefully designed to fit your actual context, but it will build on your own sales best practices, as well as our own extensive database of sales expertise.

And it will use the best combination of elements, (possibly training too) to drive behaviour change and get the result you desire, with an emphasis on your own staff leading the change with our support.

Don’t worry about missing out on the latest sales fad on how to sell: We carefully track and learn from them in our sales excellence database!

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The Selling Interactions Difference: Our programmes are based upon our extensive research into sales best practice. Currently, our database holds details of over 2000 research cases. At the same time, 100% of our focus is on creating pragmatic, actionable training that sales people find invaluable in securing their targets. With a twin focus on attitude/ behaviour and strategy/process, Selling Interactions programmes equip participants with the best chances of sustainable success.