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Sales enablement – sales strategy operationalised


Sales enablement – sales strategy operationalised

Dynamic support for your sales team to implement your strategy


Quotes from participants

Selling Interactions’ approach enabled Spring GDS’s sales people to create a programme for their own sales people, and ensured we continued driving this forward through our own resources. This was a pre-requisite for the programme.“

Alan Jamieson Global HR Director


What is it?

Our sales enablement consulting approach is designed to give you the level of guidance you want to best design your ideal sales enablement discipline.

What is sales enablement? Who needs it? How best to manage it? On-line / face to face / blended? Unlike any other sales organisational issue, implementing sales enablement involves raising and answering quite a few important conceptual questions.

The stakes can also be high: Both in terms of set up costs, ongoing management, and engagement with a number of key stakeholders, not least the sales team.

And yet done well, sales enablement can be wonderfully lean: It depends entirely on your context. It can help fully integrate customer voice into your sales organisation.

Selling Interactions is uniquely positioned to advise you on setting up sales enablement: We have deep experience of designing corporate university models, extensive experience of training at our clients’ own universities, and our sales excellence database to help you access best practices.

We also have wide, objective knowledge of the on-line ecosystem of providers to help you partner with the right organisations, if this approach is appropriate.

Well thought out sales enablement can be a massive financial asset to an organisation, substantially increasing sales competencies, quickly diffusing winning sales behaviour, and ultimately increasing sales.

The diagram below shows the areas we will help you think through:


“The average company spends between 10% and 40% of their sales on sales force costs.”

Zoltners, Sinha & Lorimer 2008

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The Selling Interactions Difference: Our programmes are based upon our extensive research into sales best practice. Currently, our database holds details of over 2000 research cases. At the same time, 100% of our focus is on creating pragmatic, actionable training that sales people find invaluable in securing their targets. With a twin focus on attitude/ behaviour and strategy/process, Selling Interactions programmes equip participants with the best chances of sustainable success.