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Sales organisation improvement programme


Sales Organisation improvement programme

Co-ordinated projects to drive performance and growth


Quotes from participants

“This process has been a true eye-opener for the sales organisation, providing tools and training to make us provide more targeted value to our customers. Very professional and inspirational process, thanks!”

Soren Moller, Essentia


What is it?

Driving growth is not easy. A commercial organisation is a complicated system with many interrelated parts. Often this means changing and optimising several areas at once. Using our commercial excellence diagnostic as a blueprint for success, we will help scope out priority projects and work streams to drive growth.

This could mean working on performance management, sales process, key account strategy, coaching, product training among other areas.

We believe strongly in the philosophy of ‘done with’ not ‘done to’ in consulting: Our goal is to empower you to deliver the results, by challenging your team and helping introduce best practices consistent.

Every organisation is unique: Contact us to discuss your own situation so we can help you create the right sales transformation straight away.

“The average company spends between 10% and 40% of their sales on sales force costs.”
Zoltners, Sinha & Lorimer 2008

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The Selling Interactions Difference: Our programmes are based upon our extensive research into sales best practice. Currently, our database holds details of over 2000 research cases. At the same time, 100% of our focus is on creating pragmatic, actionable training that sales people find invaluable in securing their targets. With a twin focus on attitude/ behaviour and strategy/process, Selling Interactions programmes equip participants with the best chances of sustainable success.