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Commercial excellence health check


Commercial excellence health check

An in-depth assessment to unlock growth


Quote from participant

“The benefits? We realised what we were doing was massively inconsistent. We have now been able to agree on what good looks like. We are not universally applying “good” all the time but we have most definitely improved.”

Mark Palmer, MD Gobeyond Partners


What is it?

Do you need to make a step-change improvement to growth? Our commercial excellence health check combines the broad ‘helicopter view’ of the on-line commercial excellence diagnostic, with in depth investigation into the main gaps identified. We do this at speed – typically 2 to 3 weeks from start to finish.

The on-line diagnostic reveals the areas that need further investigation. For example, these could be lead generation, the sales process, the quality of sales calls, the structure, or relationship between sales and marketing. We then get close to these areas through interviews, data analysis, observation and benchmarking to pinpoint the areas for development.

You end up with a holistic, objective view of your sales organisation, plus a set of validated improvement projects to help you can implement to recover growth. It’s the perfect solution for turnaround leaders, venture capitalists and results focused sales leaders.

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The Selling Interactions Difference: Our programmes are based upon our extensive research into sales best practice. Currently, our database holds details of over 2000 research cases. At the same time, 100% of our focus is on creating pragmatic, actionable training that sales people find invaluable in securing their targets. With a twin focus on attitude/ behaviour and strategy/process, Selling Interactions programmes equip participants with the best chances of sustainable success.