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Revenue engine analysis


Revenue engine analysis

Improving the effectiveness of your sales pipeline


Quotes from participants

“Over 4 times the programme investment were recorded in extra revenues in the first 6 months, directly attributed to the new selling approach.”
Alan Jamieson


What is it?

A revenue engine analysis helps your sales strategy by understanding with greater clarity:

  • Where your leads come from.
  • What happens to them.
  • How many drop out at each stage.
  • How many get converted into new business.
  • Which sources are the most likely to convert.
  • Which factors in your sales organisation increase / decrease chances of a lead being converted to new business.

Finding new opportunities and converting them into new revenues, (the sales funnel) is at the core of most organisation’s survival – it is the “engine” at the centre of the company.

Our unique analysis method involves a quantitative approach combined with semi-structured interviews with your sales team to gather richer insights into how your revenue engine is performing.

Because it is done with the sales team, it ensure greater buy-in to the exercise, building a stronger platform for any ongoing sales development projects that you decide to follow. It will help you to implement more effective sales metrics and KPIs ultimately, increasing sales.

88% of businesses using a sales method claim that it has a positive impact on achieving their objectives.
Sandler Sales Institute survey – 2008

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Revenue engine analysis

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