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Sales excellence diagnostic


Sales excellence diagnostic©

Analysing areas to improve your sales organisation


Quotes from participants

“The benefits were the realisation what we were doing was massively inconsistent. We have been able to agree on what good looks like, at this stage, and while we are not universally applying it all the time, we have definitely improved.”
Mark Palmer, OEE UK ltd.


What is it?

The Sales Excellence Diagnostic© forms the core of our consulting approach. We use it to help you assess your sales organisations, and build best practice sales teams.

The Sales Excellence Diagnostic© has been continually evolved every year since 2009 when it was created as part of an MBA project at Warwick Business School to research sales excellence. The core concept was to comprehensively catalogue the key factors that could affect a sales organisation’s success.

It has been continually upgraded ever since, with revisions every 6 months, with version 10 being completed in December 2016.


How can you use it?

  1. On-line survey mode: Your staff complete the survey on-line, and then we provide you with the summary report, signposting areas to investigate further and focus on.
  2. Health check mode: Includes the on-line surveys coupled with face to face interviews with our consultant team to go ‘behind the data’ to give you qualitative / perception analysis to act on.
  3. Full audit mode: We work with your internal teams to check and provide evidence for use of the 105 sales best practices. This is the most rigorous ‘evidence based’ mode.


Key characteristics

  • The diagnostic is based on review of over 1000 academic studies, sales-specific text books and evidence based sales improvement cases.
  • It has been updated with practical learning from delivery of over 200 client projects, insights from our partners and a review of competitive methodologies.
  • V10.0 is divided into 10 core areas of a sales organisation, built from 106 individually referenced best practices
  • For each best practice, there are 4 graded, concrete descriptions to enable you to objectively score your own organisation
  • There are 3 tailored versions of the diagnostic for the 3 key stakeholder groups: Sales management, sales team and a 12-question version to discover the voice of your customer.


What benefits will you get?

The diagnostic enables you to do a very wide ranging scan of potential areas for sales effectiveness and efficiency drives.

It is intended to give you an objective, inclusive view of the best areas to dig deeper in terms of further analysis and improvement work.

Importantly, it will enable your team to align on prioritised, intelligent sales improvement project.

The wide scope of the diagnostic means that you will not miss areas that sometimes get overlooked that can be simple effective drivers of sales growth.

Furthermore, by systematically working on the best practices, you can build a world class sales organisation over time.


Who should use it?

For incoming sales directors to get feedback quickly about the sales organisation

For companies who want to drive more growth and don’t know how

For successful sales organisations who want to keep improving

For venture capitalists and investors who want to quickly size up a sales organisation to increase value

“A self-assessment by 260 organisations of customer relationship management returned a poor 58%.”
Homburg, Schäfer & Schneider 2012

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The sales excellence diagnostic©

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Sales excellence diagnostic© and sales process design

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