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Our Services

Your journey to sales excellence starts here. All consulting training and coaching programmes are backed by our extensive research into sales best practice to deliver significant, sustainable results.


Do you want help in finding growth opportunities in your sales organisation?

Sales excellence diagnostic©

A very thorough assessment of your sales organisation, based on 105 best practices.

Revenue engine analysis

Intelligent optimisation of the management and flow of your opportunities.

Sales team assessment

An objective, accurate, sector specific view of your current sales team capability


Do you want to install excellent sales practices in your organisation?

Sales DNA programme

Design & installation of sales best practices that are perfectly adapted to your context.

Sales academy

Expert guidance on setting up and managing your on-line and physical sales development approach.

Marketing / sales strategy implementation

Practical help in ensuring your strategy gets translated into actual sales team behaviour / results.


Do you want your sales team to be effective in today’s “buyer 2.0” world?

B2B digital

Agile, adaptive professional marketing and selling in the social / digital age.

Key account management

Organisation wide best practices for your most important accounts.

Selling to procurement

Specific insight into how professional procurement manage you as a partner / supplier.

Commercial negotiation

Comprehensive master class in negotiation specifically for sales people.

Interaction & influence

A practical programme to help you apply modern psychological insights into how we influence clients.

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