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Procurement is leading the arms race

Our client research, carried out in July 2012, has revealed that less than 1/3 of sales people enjoy their relationship with procurement.

Furthermore, 88% of the sales people in our survey reported an increase in influence of procurement at their accounts.

And with the ability to create client “lock in” declining from 51% to 43% over 5 years, it is clear that storm clouds are gathering on the horizon for sales personnel unless they learn and understand what is happening in the procurement department.

We’re very pleased to present our research into “selling to procurement”. Enjoy the read, and we are really looking forward to your feedback.

Download your copy here:

Selling to Procurement FINAL MASTER report

And finally, it will be great if you can join us in Birmingham on November 20th for our executive briefing workshop on this topic.

You’ll find more details at the end of the report on this pragmatic session, designed to help you apply procurement thinking to your own accounts.

Anderson Hirst


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