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Welcome to our new UK associate trainers

We are really happy to announce that because of increased demand for our sales DNA programmes, we have 3 new associate training consultants in 2019.

Selling Interactions already works with a team of 75 associates across Europe, and partner organisations for Asia and America training delivery.

With the new team in place, it means we can deliver substantially larger sales improvement and training projects in our home base.

The 3 new trainers Lesley Brodie, Richard Lassiter and Jos Burton are already well-regarded trainers and coaches in their own right. All three have been through our internal sales development training to deliver in the ‘Selling Interactions’ style and to be able to apply our ‘research-led sales excellence’ approach. We hope you will have chance to work with them and they will help meet your own unique sales ambitions.

You can find out more about the team at our updated team page here:

Our team