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Christmas – a time to reflect

What ‘impossible’ things would you like to make possible in 2017?


“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’.”

Audrey Hepburn

A 1-hour ‘phones-off meeting with myself’ is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on our success and learning and plan for the future.

We invite you to block an hour somewhere with a Christmas atmosphere, have your favourite drink, and reflect on these questions to structure your thoughts.


Which 5 successes were you most proud of in 2016?

What new capabilities did you surprise yourself with?

Who did you meet that inspired you and why?

What did you do to inspire others in their personal development?

What annoyed you the most this year at work and what did you learn about yourself from this experience?

What skills would you most like to acquire in 2017 and what is stopping you?

What would you love to achieve in 2017 and how could you make it happen?

Who would you most like to build strong relations with / meet and when will you do it?

What new attitudes would you like to develop and how would they help you?

In % terms, how much time did you allocate to a) work  b)  family  c) hobbies  d) sport  e) relaxation f) other? What would you like it to be? What could you change to make it a reality?

What would help your personal well being the most in 2017 and when do you plan to start with this essential practice?

How would a “meeting with yourself” like this help you in 2017? What is stopping you blocking dates in your calendar right now?


Now your drink is reaching its end, what concretely have you decided to do in 2017?