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Sales teams: stay ahead of the competition

Keep the sales team in pole position 

Anderson Hirst

Isn’t it funny how every other business presentation seems to refer to the “science of marginal gains” these days? In Mathew Syed’s thought provoking book, “Black Box Thinking”, he quotes James Vowles, Chief Strategist for Mercedes Formula one team as saying:

“The secret to modern F1 is not really to do with big ticket items, it’s about hundreds of thousands of small items optimized to the nth degree.”

With this kind of thinking pervading industry, it’s really important to pay attention to the details in a sales organization, and have a relentless focus on improving them, because your competitors probably are anyway.

We present three books which have a very specific focus, and can really help you develop your sales organization and therefore, competitiveness.



Negotiation for purchasing professionals

Jonathan O’Brien

For many in sales, the procurement team is a black box of mystery, and because of this, rumours and myths abound. This book is written by a procurement specialist who offers a purchasing methodology grounded in good theory and practice.

If sales teams are aware of the quality of preparation done by many procurement teams, it can motivate them to do the same level of preparation, and come to the negotiation table as equals!

Jonathan’s book is comprehensive and easy to follow and does a lot to unlock the working methods of today’s buyers.



Fanatical Prospecting

Jeb Blount

For a real cold shower and positive confrontation on how to win new business, this book cannot be beaten. Whilst it is perhaps more anecdotal than evidence based, Jeb’s arguments are persuasive and practical, and his lovely “wake up and smell the coffee” voice is sure to confront the “no need to use the telephone” anymore school of sales.

The book gives sales managers a lot of good ideas how to drive new business generation, and turn their sales team into a finely tuned machine.



Sales Growth – Five proven strategies from the world’s sales leaders

Thomas Baumgartner, Homayoun Hatami & Maria Valdivieso

Who else would you turn to apart from McKinsey if you wanted sales consultancy? Written by 3 of their elite, this book gives a very contemporary view of how sales organisations can transform themselves. It covers the big themes as you’d expect: Digital selling, managing partner networks, innovation in B2B to name a few. That said, there are some very useable nuggets in the book that even very small organisations can implement.

This is the book to go to if you want to be ahead of the curve and impress your boss with wide ranging, future strategic plays.



Research led sales excellence

From our inception, Selling Interactions has scoured academia, consultancy, practice and client best practices to investigate the DNA of world class sales organizations. There are so many sources of sales excellence insights these days, that there is no excuse for “business as usual” thinking.

And, if we do live in a hyper competitive world, not acting on new sales knowledge is guaranteeing your own demise.

To find out where your own sales organization stands, contact us to try our sales excellence diagnostic, and find out which areas you can develop. Contact helen.wilcox@sellinginteractions.com to find out more.