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Free sales diagnostic for your organisation

How will you get growth in 2018?

Free sales diagnostic for 1 lucky organisation

This year we have been very busy developing the latest version of our sales excellence diagnostic, (Version 10). Based on user feedback, we’ve included some very useful new features.
To celebrate, we’d like to give one lucky organisation the opportunity for a free diagnostic report for their sales organisation.

Your sales organisation viewed on one dashboard 
Version 10 incorporates a simpler model of sales organisation performance, broken down into 10 key areas. This model has evolved over 8 years incorporating well over 1000 inputs of research, evidence based practitioner input and client project reviews.



Based on 106 individual sales best practices with scoring guidelines

Our research led sales excellence approach has resulted in 106 key areas that a sales organisation can assess themselves against. Each of these best practices are individually backed by research / evidence. We have included levels for each best practice to make scoring based on observable evidence rather than “gut feel.”



3 viewpoints: Sales managers, sales team, customers
As in versions 8 and 9, there are 3 versions of the sales diagnostic, so you can contrast how managers think their organisation functions, compared with the views of sales people on the ground. We also have a short version for customers to complete to incorporate the all important voice of the customer in the diagnostic.

Incorporating new best practices based on sales operations & sales enablement
Over the last 3 to 4 years, there have been some very interesting developments in the field to increase face to face sales time, and accelerate / improve sales & marketing collaboration. Of course, sales force automation (SFA) and marketing automation is rapidly evolving, and version 10 ensures you assess your organisation in these areas.

Quicker turnaround for your diagnostic
We can now produce your customised sales excellence diagnostic in a much faster time frame, typically within 48 hours of closing off the on-line survey to your staff.

How do I become the lucky organisation then?
We would like to offer 1 free use of the Sales Excellence Diagnostic to formally launch Version 10. To qualify for this great offer, your sales organisation must have the following features:

  1. B2B sales environment
  2. Sales team of 20+ people
  3. Survey can be completed in English on-line

From your side, we ask that you participate in the process of communicating the survey to your sales team and set aside 2 hours once the report is completed so that we can help you get the most from it.

Contact helen.wilcox@sellinginteractions.com if you would like to be the lucky organisation that wins the free sales diagnostic. The first organisation to respond that meets the criteria above will be the winner. We will publish the winner on our website & via Linked-in by 31st December 2017.

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