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On-line sales academy

Many of you will be aware of the Association of Professional Sales (APS) and their excellent progress this year in developing accredited training to drive professionalism in the industry. Thanks to their efforts, it is now possible to do a degree level apprenticeship in the UK.

We have decided to support this initiative in a substantial way by developing an online sales academy to help clients deliver accredited training to their salesforces.

We have started working in partnership with award-winning online specialists Willow DNAand have co-created the Kojo Academy to do this. The philosophy of this online academy is to use our research led sales excellence approach to combine the best of APS accredited training with client’s unique sales DNA, creating a powerful, bespoke resource for sales and marketing enablement.

Kojo is a Japanese word for progress: Above all we want to support individuals and organisations in becoming world class, with consequent impacts on key sales metrics and sales professionalism / ethics.

Willow DNA bring state of the art competence in building online learning environments which are perfectly suited to busy sales people in the field, with the ability to create structured learning pathways alongside resource catalogues, that can be easily navigated for ‘just in time’ style learning.

Through the Kojo Academy, we will help clients fully optimise their sales academies and sales training in line with their sales strategy.

If you are interested in offering accredited training to your teams, or would like to improve the overall effectiveness of your sales academy, please do get in touch.


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