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Peter Rouwen, JP Morgan, Executive Director Worldwide Securities Services


In the world of complex financial services, following a sales process is not just a nicety, it’s a necessity: With risk and compliance issues to navigate, excellent sales people not only have to manage client opportunities through to a win, they also have to respect many steps along the way. Sales processes are fundamental: A properly designed one guides sales people through proven successful routines, and is the heart of an organisation’s ‘revenue engine’. Peter has a long track record of winning large complex deals in the face of aggressive competition.

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I am an Anglo Dutch man living in the UK already for 15 years. Before that I was in Luxemburg, which is where I met my English wife who is an artist. We now have 2 sons and enjoy spending our weekend walking with our German Pointer in the South Downs.
How does applying a sales process help in your environment?

Using a sales process keeps me focussed! In a busy sales environment, there is so much going on and we can easily lose focus. A good sales process provides guidance on what activities need to be done next. It’s good to know there is a process in place to give a route map for winning business

How do you maintain the discipline necessary to follow sales processes repeatedly?

As I said, there are always many distractions during the sales process and therefore it is important to organise regular evaluations: what has gone well, what can be further improved?

What would be your advice to others in sales management wanting to install a sales process?

Preparation is key to the success of a sales process. The sales process needs to be formalised into the sales plan and objectives. Sharing it with all those involved internally helps everyone to see their place in winning business. Regular refreshers are also necessary to ensure it does not slip over time; after all, the sales process represents the “rules of the road” and we all need reminding of them occasionally! In this way it’s possible to learn what is working well and what can be improved, and where the gaps are in current the capability.

Finally, what is your advice for maintaining a positive attitude in the current crisis?

Continue investing time in establishing internal and external relationships even when there is no immediate reward. Keeping the dialogue going means we are on our prospect’s radar when they do have an opportunity for our services. Also, we need strong internal and external relations to make things happen in both good times and bad. So, stay positive by investing in the future now!

We say….

Sales processes stand or fall on how accurately they reflect the subtleties of doing business in your particular sales ecosystem. Using a generic “off the shelf” sales process normally results in an allergic reaction from the sales teams. Therefore, we advise investing a short period of time to map out your own sales process properly which really offers good sales insights, and in the words of Peter, provides guidance on what to do next.

As a sales process is at the heart of a sales organisation, getting it right is important.

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