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Is mindfulness a valuable approach in sales?

Or is it something that is just for ‘others’?   Much has been made of mindfulness for managers in organisations of […]

Is sales coaching transactional or transformational in your teams?

  What style of coaching conversations is happening in your sales teams? It is a well-known fact that coaching by […]

B2B digital selling programme

Do you have more elephants or frogs in your sales team? Alastair McIvor, one of our respected and experienced sales […]

Live sales telephone coaching

Alastair McIvor Exclusive interview by Helen Wilcox Alastair has over 20 years’ experience in training, sales and consultancy and has coached […]

Sales success – Mark Greenway

  According to a survey in by the HR Chally Group, the top 3 things clients want from sales people […]

Social Media Sales Hero – Geoffrey Cooling, Widex Ireland

To those without hearing aids, the sector is largely invisible, when compared say to optometrists who have very visible premises […]

The value of a good manager -Stewart Adams, National Sales Manager, Link 51

Of all the studies of sales effectiveness, first line management has been implicated in countless studies as one of the […]

John Hanson, Sales Director, Bausch & Lomb, Technology Implementation

Many sales directors have an uneasy relationship with technology. On the one hand, there is a seductive appeal to dashboards, […]

Peter Rouwen, JP Morgan, Executive Director Worldwide Securities Services

Introduction In the world of complex financial services, following a sales process is not just a nicety, it’s a necessity: […]