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Live sales telephone coaching

Alastair McIvor

Exclusive interview by Helen Wilcox

Alastair has over 20 years’ experience in training, sales and consultancy and has coached over 4,000 people globally. He has been involved a lot lately in live telephone coaching for sales and I wanted to get his insights and thoughts on running this type of workshop.


Alastair, I know you have great experience with a wide range of training, why are you such a fan of live sales telephone coaching?

I believe this unique programme brings to life the critical phase of lead generation and challenges all sales people to add measurable leads to their pipeline; we mix theory, rehearsal and actual calls on a pragmatic and high impact session.


How does this ‘telephone coaching’ style of training fit in with more traditional types of classroom training?

It fits in very well. This style of training can be part of a stand-alone programme or as part of a process following a selling interactions consultation period or project. The proven impact of this type of workshop will be meetings, leads and measurable return on investment.


And what about the content – typically what does it include?

These workshops covers a wide range of things designed to prepare sales people well for calling new prospects and following up leads, for example:

The positive inner attitude

Preparing for the ultimate call

Rehearsing prepared calls

Active listening

Acknowledging and overcoming objections

Live calling session involving instant feedback and measured ROI

Second live calling session

Review and feedback

Wrap up


You mention something called ‘live calling session’ – can you give us a bit more detail about that?

This involves the sales team making calls to real prospects and leads during the workshop. As part of the preparation, we ask participants to bring a list of prospects to call / leads to follow up. We then have everyone make calls to them whilst moving around amongst the team listening to their calls so we can give them confidence building and motivational feedback to up their success rate. The team also share successes to accelerate learning further, and we sometimes introduce a fun competitive aspect to drive activities further.


Why are live sales telephone coaching sessions so important?

Many organisations face inertia in sales teams in doing this funnel building work: Typically sales people feel they are too busy with existing customers or they are uncomfortable in approaching new prospects on the phone. This group approach helps by fixing a date to start, providing real help at the moment of need to bolster success, and benefits from team dynamics / encouragement / friendly competition and so on. The results are immediate quick wins which can really transform a sales team’s energy levels. Standard training often gives the skills, but does ask participants to use and practice them directly.


Thanks very much for your thoughts. How would clients organise an event like this?

Make contact with us via info@sellinginteractions.com or +44 (0) 121 277 4642 and we can design the right kind of event – often at short notice if the need is urgent! This is work I love, so I am ready to get started!


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