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Please complete our ‘dirty tricks’ negotiation survey.




How often have you wondered during a commercial negotiation whether your counterpart has something up their sleeve, is withholding information, or is outright misleading you to get the best deal?


How much do you trust the person you are negotiating with, when a lot of money is at stake? 


The very high profile case of Cyclist Lance Armstrong shows how high profile cheating can be, and the financial scandals around Libor serve to remind us that where monetary gains can be made, unethical behaviour can thrive.


We want to provide you with insight into this critical area and invite you to take part in our 12 question negotiation survey on commercial ethics. All responses will be totally confidential (you are not asked to enter any personal details) So PLEASE be honest!!!!


And we will of course send you the research conclusions, which will be written up by Anderson Hirst (from the sales side) and David Atkinson (from the procurement side) for a fascinating commentary on where the professions are today concerning ethics.





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