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Is there an element of luck in sales?

Are the top performers successful because of hard work and skill or luck? In February, we asked you to complete […]

How is sales seen as a career? MBAs surveyed.

During June and July this year, we surveyed 90 MBA students to better understand how ambitious people see sales and […]

Negotiation: Lyin’ and Cheatin’ is Alive and Kicking

The Good The Bad & The Ugly Dirty Tricks in Buying and Selling     Many thanks to all of […]

Sales Excellence Diagnostic – version 6.0

We are pleased to announce the release of version 6.0 of the sales excellence diagnostic, updated after our summer research […]

Please complete our ‘dirty tricks’ negotiation survey.

  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SILcommercialethics   How often have you wondered during a commercial negotiation whether your counterpart has something up their sleeve, […]

Listening: Heard it all before?

The Spring 2013 issue of Personal Selling & Sales Management features an article presenting research done on listening. Surely we […]

Sales person resilience – Organisations failing to help

Many thanks to those of you who took part in our research into sales person resilience. They are really interesting […]

How does your organisation help you deal with knocks and shocks of a sales role?

It is 2013 and the recession continues. Sales people are being pushed from pillar to post to close opportunities and […]

New Year’s Resolutions and Resilience

Poor old salesperson. Forgotten by headquarters, out on the road braving the snow and ice, suffering winter blues, and facing […]

Please complete our Selling to Procurement (S2P) survey

Selling to procurement: How good are we? Selling Interactions is very proud to be collaborating with Four Pillars, a specialist […]

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