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Negotiation: Lyin’ and Cheatin’ is Alive and Kicking

The Good The Bad & The Ugly

Dirty Tricks in Buying and Selling


dirty tricks in negotiation


Many thanks to all of you who contributed to the “Dirty Tricks in Negotiation” survey – the results are FASCINATING!   For example…….

Both professions are prepared to lie (29.4% overall). BUT buyers are twice as likely as sales people (37% vs. 15%).

Whilst buyers believe that negotiation has become more ethical, sales people think it has become less so.

See the rest in the full report The Good, the Bad & the Ugly – Dirty Tricks in Negotiation.   Is it true that all buyers are liars and all sales are sleazy?

Negotiation Excellence Programme

In response to our findings, we are launching a new negotiation excellence programme to help sales and business development managers. We will keep you updated!


Anderson Hirst

Anderson Hirst

David Atkinson

David Atkinson

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