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Rekindling the fire

Many of the sales team have returned from holiday. Many are slowly deflating in the post-Olympics haze. Many members of the organisation are away, creating a “holiday feel” to August. Therefore it is not surprising that one of the key tasks for sales management in later summer is to fire up the sales force as quickly as possible.

Anyone who watched the exceptional performances of the Brownlee brothers, Mo Farrah or Jessica Ennis (and indeed others) will have witnessed the extraordinary power of motivation in the face of an exceptional cause. Those athletes found in themselves depths of strength and speed which surpassed what even they thought was possible.

Herein lies the clue to how we can lead our own sales team: By finding a noble cause which stirs the blood and communicating it well. Now is a good time to meet as a sales team, restate the targets, add new ones, provide inspiration, celebrate success and build extreme desire to achieve something outstanding.

Humans rarely reach the limits of what they are capable of. In order to get there, it is a certainty that the cause must be noble. And that is the job of sales management: To take a sometimes prosaic target and turn it into a compelling mission.

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