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GL3D: 2 out of 3!

An ambitious target of 3 marathons off road in the high fells of the Lake District was never going to be easy…..Injury unfortunately struck one of the team members (Alastair) meaning the team had to retire on the 2nd day, having completed 2 of the 3 marathons.

Pulling out of a race is never a nice decision: After months of preparation, the mind has learnt the determination to finish the task and does not let go easily. However, with another punishing marathon ahead, continuing with a knee injury is really not a wise decision.

The event was fantastic, and the terrain awe-inspiring. The weather was by turns evil (snow, low visibility) and inspiring (clear evening sun). Despite not finishing, we had the feeling that we could have completed the course, and so our “target setting” was realistic. And although we were of course disappointed to pull out, we also gained invaluable learning which will help us prepare for ever more stretching challenges!

Every sales director knows that feeling of setting an ambitious target and then failing to meet it due to external circumstances. Staying motivated and keeping a clear mental compass of what we personally can change and what we cannot is vital for the long term game!


So, until next year……




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