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Sales system analysis v5.0 brings massive advantages to SFE practitioners

v5.0 of the sales system analysis is ready following incorporation of the last 6 months of sales best practice research. We have now renamed it as the “Sales Excellence Diagnostic” (SED) to hopefully make it clearer what it does!

The diagnostic was created 3 years ago to help organisation prioritise where to allocate resources ( http://www.sellinginteractions.com/diagnosis.php) in order to improve sales.

v5.0 was a major revision, as the last year has seen some seismic developments in sales, particularly around social media, sales force automation, selling to procurement and the massive structural changes imposed by customer’s use of the web.

In addition, the science of influence is much better understood now, and we predict this will become a new battleground for winning the hearts and minds of customers.

Much work has been done with the SED to better model the realities of complex sales organisations, and we believe v5.0 is a really excellent way for large organisation to take a fully holistic view of their sales excellence. The model goes way beyond the normal confines of SFE initiatives, by really factoring in as many areas as possible that can improve performance.

v5.0 also now incorporates a manager and sales person viewpoint, to uncover any tensions that exist between the two perceptions.

If you are responsible for improving sales, don’t hesitate to contact us to try v5.0 in your organisation http://www.sellinginteractions.com/contactus.php

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