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Thinking of Designing a Sales Academy?

There has never been a better time to take up a sales career. Many organisations have been through the cost cutting round, and now the  main defense they have in a challenging economy is to grow sales, after all cost cutting has a finite limit, sales usually doesn’t.

Academy though….doesn’t it sound a bit grandiose? Expensive? Ineffectual? Not necessarily. If we believe in the logic that well trained, knowledgeable sales people sell more, then surely it makes sense to manage that training and knowledge as efficiently as possible. That is precisely the purpose of a sales academy.

The magic comes in right-sizing it for an organisation, and also by being demanding in mapping the key knowledge that sales people need to sell.

Our knowledge-rich hi -tech environment provides plenty of opportunities and channels to bring skill and attitudes to sales people, so we are only limited by our creativity here.

We are active in a project today to design a sales academy for a financial institution, with all the challenges of compliance that brings. By using self-directed learning pathways and robust assessments, we can reduce the cost of delivery to virtually zero for some learning pathways.

For more information about sales academy design, see our product sheet Selling Interactions – Sales Academy design or contact info@sellinginteractions.com for a personal consultation.

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