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Lake district here we come!

All preparations are ready – the drybags are packed and we are nervously keeping an eye on the awful UK weather in the Lake District. With 3 days of mountain running ahead of us, and threats of -9 degrees in some parts of the country, there is quite a challenge to decide what to put in our kit bags.

The event format stipulates that a fixed size kit bag is allowed, meaning trade off decisions between food, clothes and camp gear. Too little food, and we won’t make the 78 miles: Too little clothes and it will be misery management with the expected poor weather. Now we really feel parallels with sales strategy where leaders must continually choose between resoruce allocation options. Now it feels all the more primal, knowing that bad mistakes will be paid for with long periods of hunger, cold or fatigue.

The role of “learning by doing” is important: We have experimented with many aspects of the challenge i.e. which kit to wear, what food works well for lightweight camping with small stoves, therefore putting it all together in one large campaign gives us confidence that we’ll be ok.

Still, like in sales, some elements are always outside our control. The Lake District in Spring is notorious for changeable and sometimes savage weather changes. As they say, you can’t change the wind, but you can trim your sails!

So, here goes, we’ll do our best to bring back some pictures next week to share the Great Lakeland 3-Day challenge with you!

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