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“Voice of the customer” option now available in our Sales Excellence Diagnostic v7.0

sales excellence diagnostic

Are you under pressure to transform your organisation to be more patient-centric? With physicians trying to become more patient focused, how are your sales team doing in supporting this drive?



What is new for 2014?

Every year, we update our on-line Sales Excellence Diagnostic according to the latest best practice in sales and to reflect the business climate of our clients. Version 7.0, which was released on 1st September has been substantially revised to help you get an even sharper view of how to increase sales effectiveness:

  1. New “ voice of the customer ” section that your customers fill in to give vital feedback on how the sales team are doing against crucial customer-centric criteria
  2. Comparison against bench mark data from multiple sectors
  3. Higher focus on the emergence of the sales-marketing-IT interface
  4. Increased focus on intelligent metrics for sales teams
  5. Increased focus on the science of social influence in sales

Why use our Sales Excellence Diagnostic?

The net result is that you will get the most comprehensive and accurate review of your sales organisation’s effectiveness.

Want to find out more?

Version 7.0 is based on over 700 research cases and 150 client projects, making it the most thorough and grounded sales diagnostic we can find on the market. For more information click here

The good news

Collecting “ voice of the customer ” feedback is low cost for you: £100 provides a survey of 20 of your customer’s feedback.

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Voice of the customer

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