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Sales people: Fuel your performance

Do you find yourself driving along the motorway, hungry and intent on having a healthy snack between appointments? Instead, you pull up at the next service station and gravitate towards a burger or a cake. Or worst case scenario, you are on a minor road with just the local garage for lunch, selling decidedly dodgy sausage rolls and chocolate bars: Any ambitions of healthy eating are dashed in a moment.

For us sales people, food on the go can be healthy, tasty and very easy. Yes, it does take a bit of organisation and preparation but once done, imagine how great we can feel all week when we avoid the alternatives that leave us feeling bloated with that mid-afternoon slump?

By avoiding snacking on sugary foods we are able to keep our blood sugar levels constant preventing highs and lows and help make that next customer visit just a little bit better.

We’ve pulled together some simple recipes for busy sales people that can be made up at the weekend ready for the week ahead. They are car-friendly, quick to eat and most definitely a nutritional step-up from some of the snacks we eat out of haste!

Oat & fruit bars

Delicious for a grab and go breakfast or a mid-morning snack. There is plenty of good fats -omega 3 in flax and pumpkin seeds, omega 6 in sunflower and sesame seeds, protein in chia seeds,  low GI dates (42) and oats contain fibre, help reduce cholesterol and are slow releasing keeping you fuller for longer.

Energy balls

Afraid to give up the mood inducing hit that chocolate brings? These are great little bites of energy that make a perfect alternative to a chocolate bar. They are very versatile as they will keep in the fridge for 2 weeks, you can always double up on ingredients!

The nuts and seeds contain good fats and protein, the dates have a lower GI than sugar and contain fibre, & raw cocoa is an anti-oxidant.

Breakfast smoothie

If your customer visits mean an early start, make a breakfast smoothie: An easy breakfast that can be made the night before and stored in the fridge. Plenty of fibre vitamins and minerals. If you want something more filling add a large handful of oats and more milk to get to a drinkable consistency.

Don’t have a blender?

No worries, you can still take healthy snacks to eat on the go. Especially useful where there isn’t time for lunch in your schedule. Simply pack up a plastic airtight container with a combination of any of the following:

Pecans, almonds, brazils, cashews, hazelnuts,

Dried apricots, dates, figs, prunes.

Pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Fresh fruit – especially bananas.

A pot of hummus and some vegetables cut up and wrapped in cling film.

Dried coconut chips.

Vegetable crisps, watch out for the ingredient list, especially the salt content.

If you want to go for a chocolate bar, choose the 85 or 90% cocoa ones as these have less sugar and contain anti-oxidants.


Good luck! And enjoy the savings you will make by creating your own healthy snacks on the go.