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Evaluate sales excellence in your organisation

Is your organisation a top performer, an improver or a rookie in the sales excellence stakes?

The financial results case for sales excellence has been well made by others – 8.2% return on sales for High sales excellence companies versus 5.7% return on sales for Low sales excellence companies. (Homburg et al 2012).

And yet how do you assess your current level of sales excellence? What is “sales excellence” anyhow?

sales excellence

For over 6 years now, we have thoroughly researched sales excellence, culminating in our Sales Excellence Diagnostic . It includes 82 areas of best practice, grouped into 10 core areas. And is one of the most comprehensive, evidence based tools for assessing the fitness level of your sales organisation.

We have created a short version of this free self-assessment on-line. Thank you to those of you have already completed this.


We now have benchmark data emerging.

Of the organisations who have completed it so far, the average score is 62%

The benchmark figures seems to suggest that many organisations can make financial gains by working on their sales organisations.

You can do a very quick self-assessment today using our on-line test.

Find out more about the full sales excellence diagnostic.

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” A self-assessment by 260 organisations of customer relationship management returned a poor 58%” Homberg, Shaffer and Sneider 2012