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Resilience Programme

Would you benefit from a 1 day resilience programme ?

Is it about time your employer recognised your health and wellbeing as a strategic priority?

Would you benefit from learning resilience strategies to deal with your everyday stresses created from your high powered sales role?

We are running a 1 day Resilience Programme for Sales People in 2014, where you will have a personalised  health assessment, exercise testing, establish strong meta-cognitive skills, develop strategies to increase your resilience as a sales person, set personal resilience goals with the help of technology apps plus more ….

Full resileince programme details are available here.

Our research showed 30% of sales people said that their organisation actively contributed to their stress levels and 78% of sales people said their organisation provided no help or actively contributed to their poor quality sleep. Read the full report here.

Now you have read the research does your or a member of your team’s resilience need a boost? Then book onto our 1 day Resilience for Sales Programme which is held in the Heart of England at The Wildmoor Spa

We look forward to seeing you there!

Please e-mail info@sellinginteractions.com or telephone +44 (0) 121 277 4642 if you have any further questions regarding the resilience programme.


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